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Common Errors

This article provides an overview of how to handle any errors occurred when installing the Babylon Chain.

In this article:

Error During Repository Cloning

Too Many Arguments

fatal: Too many arguments.

This error occurs when something is wrong with the git clone syntax on your Ubuntu.


Please make sure that the syntax is correct. Here is an example of the correct syntax to clone a git repository:

git clone

Do not forget to create your personal access token to clone a git repository.

Could Not Set 'core.filemode' to 'false'

fatal: could not set 'core.filemode' to 'false'

This error occurs when the Windows Linux System permission within the drive is denied.


Restarting the system will reset the permissions. If this doesn't work, add Sudo to the syntax, as illustrated in the following code:

sudo git clone

Error During Babylon Chain Initialization

No Such Directory Found

No such file or directory

This issue happens when a make syntax is executed in the incorrect directory or path.


Remember to access the cloned repository folder to initialize the Babylon Chain after cloning the repository. Here is an example of a configuration code:

cd /mnt/c/Users/<yourusername>/Documents/Babylond/babylon

Command 'make' Not Found

Command 'make' not found

This occurs while building a chain without first installing the Make language.


Install the Make language on Ubuntu by inserting the code below:

sudo apt install make

Make Build Error 1

go build -mod=readonly -tags "netgo ledger" -ldflags '-X -X -X -X -X ",ledger" -w -s' -trimpath -o /mnt/c/Users/kakakepan/Documents/babylon/babylon/build/ ./...
go: updates to go.mod needed, disabled by -mod=readonly
make: *** [Makefile:116: build] Error 1

This occurs when a Golang version lower than 1.20 has been installed. Babylon requires Golang version 1.20 or above.


You need to uninstall Golang by inserting the code below on Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get remove golang-go

Next, install the latest version of Golang by inserting the code below:

sudo wget
sudo tar -C /usr/local -xzf go1.20.5.linux-amd64.tar.gz
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin
source ~/.bashrc

Make Build Error 127

make: *** [Makefile:116: build] Error 127

This occurs if the cloned repository already contains a Build directory when running Make Install on Ubuntu.


  1. Go to the cloned repository directory.
  2. Remove the Build directory permanently.
  3. Insert the code below to create a new Build directory:
make build

Genesis File Already Exists

Error: genesis.json file already exists

This occurs when a genesis file already exists when initializing the Babylon Chain.


Insert the code below to solve the genesis file error on Ubuntu:

rm -r ~/.babylond