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Getting Testnet Tokens

Learn how to get testnet tokens for Babylon.

In this guide we will go through how you can create a keyring and request for tokens through the Babylon testnet faucet. gettokens

1. Create a Keyring


Currently, validators can only use the test keyring backend because they need to automatically submit transactions containing BLS signatures. In the future, Babylon will support other types of encrypted backends provided by the Cosmos SDK for validators.

One can create a keyring through the babylond keys add command. Full specification for this command can be found under the CLI docs.

# Replace the --keyring-backend argument with a backend of your choice
babylond --keyring-backend test keys add my-key

This will output an address and a memo. Record the memo as it is the only way to recover your key if it gets lost.

2. Request Funds from the Babylon Testnet Faucet

This can be accomplished by going to the #faucet channel of our official Discord server to request funds by providing the address you created before. After joining the channel, users send a request starting with !faucet followed by the request address. For example, !faucet bbn1sajf5fd7tyjt0jjy6lqzahy09jl2nkcnx5qm06.