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Babylon Overview

Babylon project designs security protocols that scale Bitcoin to secure the decentralized world. To this end, Babylon utilizes the three primary facets of Bitcoin: bitcoin the asset, Bitcoin the PoW-secured timestamping server, and Bitcoin the most censorship-resistant blockspace in the world. Through inventing pioneering protocols, Babylon envisions a more secure and Bitcoin-centric decentralized world.

To realize the vision, we build Babylon, a suite of Bitcoin security-sharing protocols. Currently, it includes two protocols:

  • Bitcoin timestamping: This protocol sends succinct and verifiable timestamps of any data (such as PoS blockchains) to Bitcoin; and
  • Bitcoin staking: This protocol allows bitcoin the asset to provide economic security to any decentralized systems through trustless (and self-custodian) staking.

The Babylon team is developing the core primitives of the Bitcoin staking protocol and will open source it very soon. This documentation provides a brief overview of the design. More documents will be published after open source.