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💻 Learn how to install and initialize the Babylon chain on your system.


Step 1: Install Golang


Babylon requires Golang version 1.21 for Babylon to be installed on your system. Install it using the instructions on the provided link.

After you install it, you can verify that you have the proper version by running:

$ go version
go version go1.21.6 linux/amd64

Step 2: Build and Install Babylon

You need to clone Babylon’s GitHub repository to install the babylond executable.

  1. Install build requirements
sudo apt install git build-essential curl jq --yes
  1. Retrieve the Babylon source code either through the releases page or by cloning the source code. In case you want to create a full node for the testnet, it is highly recommended that you choose the release corresponding to the current testnet. See the testnet network information page for more details.
  2. Navigate to the directory that contains the Babylon source code. From there build and install the babylond executable
git checkout <version_to_install>
make install

The last command first executes git checkout in the specific version that you want to install. Ensure that you install the same version of the Babylon executable as the one that is running on the network you aim to join.