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babylond migrate

Migrate the source genesis file into the specified target version and print to STDOUT.

migrate command

babylond migrate [target-version] [genesis-file] [flags]

Example Command

$ babylond migrate v0.33 /path/to/genesis.json --chain-id=cosmoshub-1 --genesis-time=2016-04-22T18:02:40Z


      --chain-id string       override chain_id with this flag
--genesis-time string override genesis_time with this flag
-h, --help help for migrate

Options Inherited from Parent Commands

      --home string         directory for config and data (default "/home/<yourSystemUsername>/.babylond")
--log_format string The logging format (json|plain) (default "plain")
--log_level string The logging level (trace|debug|info|warn|error|fatal|panic) (default "info")
--trace print out full stack trace on errors