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babylond prepare-genesis

Create and prepare a genesis file.

prepare-genesis command

babylond prepare-genesis <testnet|mainnet> <chain-id> [flags]


      --btc-base-header string          Hex of the base Bitcoin header. (default "0100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000003ba3edfd7a7b12b27ac72c3e67768f617fc81bc3888a51323a9fb8aa4b1e5e4a45068653ffff7f2002000000")
--btc-base-header-height uint Height of the base Bitcoin header.
--btc-confirmation-depth uint Confirmation depth for Bitcoin headers. (default 6)
--btc-finalization-timeout uint Finalization timeout for Bitcoin headers. (default 20)
--chain-id string genesis file chain-id, if left blank will be randomly created
--epoch-interval uint Number of blocks between epochs. Must be more than 0. (default 400)
--genesis-time int Genesis time (default 1671701459)
-h, --help help for prepare-genesis
--home string The application home directory (default "/home/<yourSystemUsername>/.babylond")
--max-active-validators uint32 Maximum number of validators. (default 10)

Options Inherited from Parent Commands

      --log_format string   The logging format (json|plain) (default "plain")
--log_level string The logging level (trace|debug|info|warn|error|fatal|panic) (default "info")
--trace print out full stack trace on errors